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Now What? An Action Plan for Advancing Arts Education

Description Join us for our closing plenary session centered on applying the key takeaways from the AEP Virtual Gathering to…

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A Model for Trauma-Informed and Healing-Centered Practice Through the Arts

Description Can the arts education sector be a leader in implementing trauma-informed and healing-centered strategies and principles? This session offers…

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Virtual Arts Education Beyond the Pandemic

Description The pandemic required arts organizations to pivot swiftly from "in-person" arts education programming to "virtual." Many discovered that even…

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Hip Hop Education as an Abolitionist Praxis

Description Participants in this session will have an opportunity to interrogate traditional narratives in arts education by positioning Hip Hop…

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STEM-Integrated Arts: A Discussion With Some “Sciencey” People

Description Presenters introduce participants to a professional development program, supported by a U.S. Department of Education grant, that promotes STEM-integrated…

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Are We Advancing Equity for Students With Disabilities?

Description Today's discussions around diversity, equity and inclusion frequently leave out disability. We believe that the arts and education community…

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Connecting Schools and Communities to Build an Inclusive Arts Ecosystem

Description The shift to virtual learning for many young people during the past two years impacted the connection between classrooms…

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Tradition, Technology and Healing: Using Digital Tools to Transmit Oral Traditions

Description In what ways can young people draw connections between their lives today and oral traditions or culturally rooted poetry…

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Laugh Now, Cry Later

Description This session shares a range of media and theater exercises, including storytelling, scenes and interviews, to bring participants on…

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Advancing Policy by De-siloing Arts Education & Disability Studies: Examples in Kansas and New York

Description The Berklee Institute for Arts Education and Special Needs began convening a leadership network in 2018 to foster dialogue…

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Investing in Creativity and Authenticity – Building an Expanded Definition of Arts Education

Description What were your first arts internships or jobs like? How old were you when they happened? What have you…

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The National Art Education Association: Advancing Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Description What steps are you taking to lead change and assist equity, diversity and inclusion (ED&I) efforts within your organization?…

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