Partner With AEP

To join AEP, an organization agrees to support AEP’s mission, vision and 2020 Action Agenda, and conducts programs or projects with national, regional or field-wide significance. 

Benefits of Becoming an AEP Partner

  • Membership in a nationally recognized partnership organization dedicated to advancing arts education.
  • Opportunities to connect, collaborate and convene with other AEP partner organizations and engage around pressing issues for arts education.
  • Increased visibility through the AEP Success Stories initiative and a direct link on the AEP website.
  • Priority consideration for announcements submitted to AEP’s biweekly newsletter, ArtsEd Digest.
  • Ability to participate on one or more AEP Working Groups.
  • Access to robust research and evidence to support the goals of expanding access to and opportunities in arts education.
  • Advance notification of AEP publications and events.

AEP Partner Organization Criteria

  • An organization supporting AEP’s mission, vision and 2020 Action Agenda and conducts programs or projects with national, regional or field-wide significance.
  • Part of the organization’s work or goals fit within at least one of the priority areas articulated in the 2020 Action Agenda.

AEP Partner Organization Responsibilities

  • Share the landscape of arts learning in their communities, knowledge of best practices and results of their work efforts with AEP.
  • Communicate AEP messaging, initiatives and opportunities to their respective constituencies.
  • Include the AEP logo badge on their organization’s website.

Apply to Become an AEP Partner Organization