AEP Policy Briefing Shares Youth-Centered Policy & Strategies
22 February 2021

Last month, Arts Education Partnership hosted an Arts and Juvenile Justice Policy Briefing that gathered policy experts and practitioners from […]

Arts Education Policy Trends to Look for in 2021
18 December 2020

The 2020 AEP Virtual Gathering may feel like it happened years ago, but it’s only been three months! At this […]

ArtsEdSearch: 300 Studies and Counting
09 December 2020

In 2012, the Arts Education Partnership curated an extensive collection of research on arts education in one place: ArtsEdSearch. Eight […]

Dance Counts: How Policymakers Can Support Access to Quality Arts Education
04 December 2020

Schools across the country have made great strides to offer opportunities for dance education. Educators have pivoted from prioritizing dance […]

Embracing an Enriched Literacy Approach in Quarantimes
03 November 2020

Becky Bailey, founder of Conscious Discipline, says, “No significant learning can occur without significant relationships. Connection is the key.” Students […]

Integrating the Arts to Ensure All Students Can Engage in Learning
08 September 2020

In our uncertain times, it is critical for all students to have access to arts education — provided by a […]

AEP Focuses on Leadership Capacity, Partnerships to Inform Arts Ed Policy
29 April 2020

A major part of the Arts Education Partnership’s work in the past six months has been focused on its new strategic mission and engagement strategy. These […]

New to ArtScan? Here’s What You Need to Know
13 April 2020

Did you know that Nevada has arts education instructional requirements for K-12 public schools, youth centers, state facilities and detention […]

Engaging the Arts in 2020’s Top Education Policy Priorities
19 February 2020

Last month, Education Commission of the States President Jeremy Anderson shared six trending education policy topics we will likely see […]

A Look at the Role of the Arts in Juvenile Justice
18 December 2019

On a given day 43,580 youths are held in residential placement facilities ― including any public or private out-of-home youth […]

New Data: Who Is Taking Art Classes?
11 November 2019

News that the National Assessment of Educational Progress in the arts would fall victim to budget constraints raised a collective […]

Partnering to Bring the Arts to Students in Rural Communities
06 November 2019

A trip to a museum provides opportunities to experience the world at different points in time — to look back […]

Improving Outcomes for Students Through STEAM Education Partnerships
11 September 2019

Do schools in your community reflect the world in which we live, or are they steeped in tradition — doing […]

10 Years Later … 10 Lessons Learned From an AEP Partner
12 December 2018

Research shows that students in schools with arts-rich learning environments academically outperform their peers in arts-poor schools. Of course, the […]

Making Leaps and Bounds in Dance Teacher Certification

Dance — when taught by a qualified dance educator and integrated into the K-12 curriculum — keeps students engaged in […]

Investing in Children Through the Arts
26 September 2018

When the National Association of Colleges and Employers asked employers what skills they prioritize when recruiting, they unequivocally listed ability […]

Collaboration Is Key to (Celebrating) Arts Education
10 September 2018

As most students and educators around the nation return to school, supporters of the arts in education also gather together […]

ArtsEdSearch: The Search Is Over … or Maybe It Is Just Beginning
22 August 2018

Help! I need information — and fast — about the impact of arts-focused professional learning opportunities for teachers. I want […]

Why Technology Cannot Replace In-Person Art Experiences
23 July 2018

In the 1981 French film, Diva, an opera singer refuses to be recorded because she believes that only live performance […]

How School Leaders Can Inspire Daily Creativity
10 July 2018

The buzz of an alarm signifying a new day, the smell of freshly brewed coffee, the turning of a key […]

Supporting Students With Disabilities by Preparing Arts Teachers
18 June 2018

While the most recent federal data on inclusion show most students with disabilities spend the majority of their time in […]

35,000 Years and Counting: Music Continues to Matter
22 May 2018

Creating and engaging with art has been a fundamental part of human existence for thousands of years. Archaeologists discovered musical […]

Supporting Student Agency, Engagement and Success Through Inclusive Folk Arts Pedagogy
04 April 2018

As a folklorist, I know that narratives based in racism, sexism and other ideologies of power and control act insidiously […]

It’s March Madness … in the Arts in Education!
28 February 2018

Throughout March, in addition to brackets and basketballs, the Arts Education Partnership and AEP partner organizations will celebrate the arts […]

Supporting Growing Music Programs in Public Schools
31 January 2018

Starting a new music program is quite an undertaking, especially for a school principal who does not have a music […]

How Does Arts Education Fare in the Final Round of State ESSA Plan Submissions?
18 January 2018

In the first round of state plans submitted under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) last spring, 60 percent (eight states) […]

Developing a Theory of Action for K-12 Arts Education and SEL Outcomes
04 December 2017

What role do arts education programs play in children’s social and emotional learning (SEL) and development? This is not a […]

Linking Learning and the Arts in ArtsConnection’s DELLTA Program
02 November 2017

What is the nature of teaching and learning in dance and theater; and, in what ways do they influence second […]

Why Do We Celebrate During National Arts in Education Week?
12 September 2017

We all know that arts education is good, right?  The vast majority of Americans (90 percent) believe that the arts […]

The Importance of Arts Education in Workforce Preparation
07 September 2017

America’s future economic growth depends on the strength of our world-class education system. The Arts Education Partnership (AEP), a center […]

Student Voice: Why the arts are important in education
05 September 2017

I wasn’t always the best at math and science. I tried hard, but they just weren’t my thing. Still aren’t. For a long time, I thought that meant I wasn’t smart. That’s what school seemed to teach: smart people were good at math and science. It wasn’t until I discovered art…

Remembering Dr. James Catterall
01 September 2017

The Arts Education Partnership (AEP) is saddened by the recent passing of the esteemed Dr. James Catterall, professor emeritus at […]

Celebrating the 250th Addition to ArtsEdSearch
21 August 2017

Education Commission of the States believes that informed policymakers are the best decision makers – by having the background, research, […]

Sowing the Seeds of Social Change: Arts Education as a Source of Hope, Healing and Agency
09 August 2017

Since 1937, the National Guild for Community Arts Education (a partner organization of the Arts Education Partnership) has been committed […]

The Arts and Education Equity
28 June 2017

The California Alliance for Arts Education is in its fifth decade of making the arts a core part of every […]

Student Achievement Through the Arts in Education
21 June 2017

Education has transformed over the past several years, motivated by the understanding that today’s students must be prepared to succeed […]

How Does Arts Education Fare in the First Round of State ESSA Plans?
31 May 2017

The National Association for Music Education’s mission is to advance music education by promoting the understanding and making of music […]

Maximizing the Nation’s Arts Report Card
27 April 2017

Arts in education stakeholders know that learning in and through the arts can enhance the learning experience, deepen engagement with […]

Digital Transformation
04 April 2017

The Arts Education Partnership (AEP), a national network of organizations, is a center within Education Commission of the States dedicated […]

AEP State Policy Symposium Connects the Arts and State Policy
22 March 2017

To build on the Arts Education Partnership’s (AEP) work of aiding states in including the arts as they craft plans […]

The Arts and a Well-Rounded Education
07 February 2017

With the adoption of ESSA in 2015, the term “core academic subjects” was replaced with a “well-rounded education,” which, as […]

ESSA Stakeholder Engagement: Opportunities for the arts abound
18 January 2017

As states around the country continue the process of implementing the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), a priority of the Arts […]

Elevating the Meaningful Work of AEP Partner Organizations
07 December 2016

The Arts Education Partnership (AEP) became a center within Education Commission of the States late last year. As part of […]

New Resources Available: Mapping opportunities for the arts in ESSA
12 October 2016

By now the education community is well aware of the passage of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). From the […]

Promising Practices in Arts Education
20 July 2016

The Arts Education Partnership (AEP), the newest center at Education Commission of the States, continues to be showcasing the promising practices […]

The Arts Education Partnership, ESSA and a Well-Rounded Education
11 May 2016

As the new Director of the Arts Education Partnership (AEP), I am eager to build on AEP’s 20-year legacy of […]

Arts Education Policy: A look at the year ahead
02 March 2016

It is a new day for the Arts Education Partnership (AEP) and one that Education Commission of the States  is […]