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Welcome to ArtsEd Amplified!

Date: 15 March 2021

AEP is proud to launch the new ArtsEd Amplified blog! While we’ll continue to cross-post relevant policy-related items on the ECS Ed Note blog, ArtsEd Amplified will provide a platform to showcase great work by partners and affiliates that might not be directly related to policy. Our strategic mission emphasizes building capacity for arts and education leaders, and our engagement strategy clarifies AEP’s role as a connector. We envision the blog as a place where these purposes meet: a space where AEP staff members, partners and affiliates can share their successes so others can learn from them.

When we were thinking about names for the blog, we brainstormed a list of about 30 possible names with combinations of “ArtsEd [verb]” and every possible permutation of the word “arts”. ArtsEd Amplified emerged as the favorite because it represents the idea of taking a sound, idea or voice and making it louder. We’re committed to harnessing the collective knowledge of the arts education field and amplifying it for new audiences.

On ArtsEd Amplified, you’ll continue to see posts by AEP staff members, plus more posts in the arts integration series by AEP’s higher education working group. We’ve also been busy building new relationships with potential guest authors and look forward to sharing their work with you. Here are some topics we are excited to explore in the coming months:

  • A 2021 update to AEP’s ArtScan policy database.
  • Arts education data from across the country and what it means for the future in a post-COVID world.
  • Literacy, including both text-based and multiple forms of artistic literacy.
  • Arts and juvenile justice.
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math.
  • AEP-hosted events.

Are you interested in submitting an idea for a blog post? Contact Gwynne, AEP’s communications specialist! We also invite you to subscribe to the blog to receive new posts in your inbox.