The Arts and School Choice

School choice can offer students new arts education opportunities and innovative pathways to explore their creativity. Within this new research focus area, AEP seeks to answer key questions about the relationships between the arts and school choice to support state education policymakers in better understanding the impact of school choice on arts education.

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Q: What, if any, research exists on a link between school choice and arts education?

A: This response provides summaries of three research studies that explore this connection — including access to arts education based on school type and location — as well as additional research examples.

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Q: What, if any, state polices exist that connect arts education and school choice?

A: This response provides examples of state policies regarding authorizer approval preference, charter school rules, enrollment and extracurricular participation and identifies areas where state policies directly or indirectly connect arts education and school choice.

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Q: Which, if any, states include arts education in their accountability system for K-12, and how do charter schools fit in?

A: This response identifies states that incorporated the arts as part of their current or future accountability systems under the Every Student Succeeds Act and provides specific accountability indicator examples and describes charter schools within accountability systems.

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Q: Which, if any, states have provisions and/or specific line items for arts education in their budget and/or K-12 funding formula?

A: This response includes information on three funding pathways that states use to support arts education, as well as state examples within each of these funding areas.

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