This is the content section of your site and will contain content provided by you. This section will also be editable using your CMS tools. You will be able to change this content and any other editable content on the site including pictures, tables, etc. as easily as using Microsoft Word or Excel to create a document.


If you have any questions as to why this section is here and why it is not your content, be assured that this text is only here for the proof process.


The proof process is simply the stage of design and development where we give you a flat, non-functional image of what your site will look like. This phase is where we determine if you like the layout of the site design that we have produced. It is a way for you to see the location of navigation, the buttons that lead you to other portions of the site, as well as colors, logo placement and the content areas of the site.


You may have given us content and are asking yourself why this filler text is in this space. Again this is designed to give you an idea of placement, it may not be formatted the same as your final content. The fonts may be different. There may be headings that are not represented here. Be assured that your content will be placed in this section when the proof has been approved and we move on to the development portion of the site.


Thank you,


Your Friendly Design Team