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Extra! Extra! ArtScan Captures New Policy Area

Date: 05 April 2021

This graphic reads: All 50 States plus D.C. have standards for arts education.

Part of our mission at AEP is to research the latest policies and emerging conversations on arts education to provide a one-stop shop for readers. To that end, following last year’s ArtScan release, we got to work gathering feedback from our partners at the State Education Agency Directors of Arts Education (SEADAE) and AEP’s Advisory Council to learn more about state policy trends not currently captured in ArtScan.  

After poring over our colleagues’ ideas shared through surveys and small meetings, we noticed a new policy area  arts and STEAM diploma seals — gaining traction in state arts education policymaking. AEP is excited to include this addition in the 2021 update to ArtScan. Yes, you read correctly. ArtScan now has 15 policy areas related to K-12 arts education! 

Currently, ArizonaNevada and Oklahoma have adopted policy within “Arts and STEAM Diploma Seals. The diploma seals and endorsements in these states recognize students for their achievement in the arts and STEAM education throughout their high school education. In Arizona, the diploma seals serve to celebrate student achievement, identify pathways of artistic literacy, prepare students for college and careers in the arts and promote access to arts education across the state. 

While ArtScan captures these diploma seals as a new policy area, the policies are not completely new to ArtScanWe shared these policies in previous versions of individual state profiles under “Other State Arts Education Policies.”   

Below are some other examples of new state polices captured in this year’s state profiles: 

Florida introduced a pathway for the state to report out on arts education data annually. The captured data includes information such as student access to and participation in fine arts courses (visual arts, music, dance and theatre), the quantity and certification status of educators providing instruction in fine arts and the educational facilities designed and classroom space equipped for fine arts instruction. 

Hawaii created a state foundation that can collaborate in coordinating the plans, programs and activities of individuals, associations and agencies concerned with the preservation and advancement of culture and the arts. The foundation also reports out annually to the governor and state legislature on the efforts of the Hawaii arts education partners’ process of implementing the Hawaii arts education strategic plan. The report includes the accomplishments of the art in public places program and relocatable works of art and the state art museum. 

Utah appropriated funds to develop a state professional outreach program through artistic organizations that provide educational services within the art disciplines to students or teachers. In addition, the program enables students to develop and use the knowledge and skills defined in an arts core standard. 

AEP will continue to follow emerging conversations to keep the ArtScan database on the cutting edge of state policyTake a look at what is new in your state profile  you might find the next policy area to be added to ArtScan! 

AEP would also like to thank their colleagues at Education Commission of the States and their partners at the State Education Agency Directors of Arts Education for their support in developing the 2021 ArtScan update.