As part of AEP’s efforts to disseminate arts education research, policy, and practice, AEP has initiated an occasional webinar series to highlight new developments in the arts and education fields. In these webinars, we feature policy developments, explore the practical use of new research, and promote promising practice of our partner organizations.

Below are recordings of the most recent webinars hosted by AEP.

Every Child, Every School: The Politics and Policy of Expanding Arts Education in Urban School Districts

Held on January 21, 2015, this informative webinar looked at the burgeoning arts education initiatives in the cities of Chicago and New York and examine the political and policy conditions that have led two big city Mayors to make significant investments in expanding arts education opportunities. AmySue Mertens (Director of Communications & Policy, Ingenuity) and Doug Israel (Director of Research & Policy, The Center for Arts Education) discussed key factors that propelled the initiatives forward, including engagement during high profile mayoral races, strategic use of data and reporting, and a growing disenchantment with narrowly focused education policy that prioritizes high-stakes testing over 21st century skill development. Moderated by AEP Director Sandra Ruppert, the web discussion also explored the relevance of this work to efforts in smaller urban and rural districts and the promise for public engagement and advocacy in advancing a pro-arts education agenda.

Recording of the Participant Presentations

Recording of the Moderated Discussion