About AEP Annual Convenings

With the goal of strengthening our nation’s public education system, AEP Annual Convenings bring together the country’s foremost leaders to discuss what works in arts education and to advance best practices that help ensure a complete education for every child in America.

AEP Annual Convenings provide a platform for sharing emerging research and shaping policy recommendations that improve schools and help students succeed, and have featured speakers such as U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, National Endowment of the Arts former Chairman Rocco Landesman, education author Dr. Milton Chen, as well as many other prominent figures.

About the Audience

AEP Annual Convening attendees include leaders from the education, arts, business, cultural, government and philanthropic sectors. They are administrators, advanced practitioners, consultants, directors and researchers engaged in and committed to arts learning and education reform. The level of the conversation is one that aids these leaders in their decision making and program development, and also informs the current and future work of their organizations. AEP Annual Convenings do not offer teacher professional development workshops or opportunities to earn continuing education credits. Currently, AEP Annual Convenings do not offer opportunities for vendors or exhibitors. (Learn about the 2018 AEP Annual Convening.)

What to Expect at AEP Annual Convenings:

  • Keynote remarks from prominent figures.
  • Plenary sessions featuring panels of experts.
  • Concurrent sessions on research, policy and practice.
  • Student showcases and the Young Artist Program celebrating local student artists.
  • Networking reception.