AEP Annual Convenings

Q. Do I have to be a Partner to attend an AEP Annual Convening?
A. No, AEP Annual Convenings are open to everyone.

Q. Do members of Partner organizations receive a discount on Annual Convening registration?
A. At this time, members of partner organizations do not receive a discount on Forum registration, but they are able to register early two weeks before the public.

Q. Does AEP accept onsite registrations or single day registrations?
A. Onsite registration is only offered if available. Single day registrations are not currently available.

Q. Is my registration fee waived if I am presenting a breakout session?
A. We require all breakout session presenters to register for the Annual Convening. At this time, we are unable to waive presenters’ registration fees.


Q. My organization is a non profit, can I have a complimentary copy of an AEP publication?
A. AEP cannot send complimentary copies of its publications; however, publications can be downloaded free of charge.

Q. How long after I placed my order for hard copies of a publication will the publications arrive?
A. Typically your order will arrive within 3-5 business days from when you placed your order.

Q. I would like to use a quotation from an AEP publication. How do I get permission to do so?
A. The website provides a Permission Guideline Form. Please allow two weeks for a response.