The Arts Raise Student Achievement and Success

Action Agenda Priority Area I:

Through the adoption of higher learning standards and the implementation of new accountability systems, states across the country are rethinking what it means for students to be ready for college, career and life. AEP partner organizations are working to ensure the arts are integral in the deliberations and actions pertaining to higher learning expectations for all students, the systems designed for assessing growth towards those expectations, and the structures for ensuring that expectations are met.

Released in March 2015, The Arts Leading the Way to Student Success: A 2020 Action Agenda for Advancing the Arts in Education (Text Only) sets forth an ambitious plan for achieving the Action Agenda’s five-year aspirational goal: By the year 2020 every young person in America, at every grade level, from pre-kindergarten through grade 12, will have equitable access to high quality arts learning opportunities, both during the school day and in out-of-school time.