AEP 2014 National Forum Resource Page

The AEP 2014 National Forum Preparing Students for the Next America in and through the Arts ushered in National Arts in Education Week on September 11-12 in Pittsburgh, PA.

Visit AEP’s 2014 National Forum resource page for video recordings, media spotlights, and more information about the event.


ArtsEdSearch is the nation’s first research and policy database focused entirely on student and educator outcomes associated with in-school and out-of-school arts education and implications for policy based on existing research. (Read more)

Common Core and the Arts

AEP is providing an ever-growing selection of resources to help AEP Partner Organizations, arts educators, school leaders, and policymakers develop a better understanding of the Common Core and what the movement means for the arts. (Read more)



ArtScan is a searchable clearinghouse of the latest state policies supporting education in and through the arts from all 50 states and the District of Columbia. This new resource from AEP includes not only policy language excerpted directly from each state’s education policies but also information on state-level surveys of arts education and a set of descriptive education indicators. (Read more)