AEP Partners

The Power of Partnership

Successful collaboration through partnership is the premise upon which AEP was formed and remains its organizational touchstone. As an “organization of organizations,” AEP is able to reach—through the work of its partners—tens of thousands of arts and education professionals, including educators, administrators, grant makers, civic and business leaders, policy makers, teaching artists, and researchers. In turn, we are able to reach millions of parents and students nationwide.

AEP Partner Organizations share a belief that children and youth are a national priority. The partners are committed to collaboration as they communicate to stakeholders the importance of arts learning as critical for a complete and competitive education. By working across sectors at the national, state, and local levels, AEP Partners promote education improvement and changes in public policy.

AEP Partner Organizations:

  • Are national in scope and impact
  • Agree to promote and support AEP’s mission and goals
  • Become actively engaged in AEP initiatives
  • Communicate with and activate their constituent networks on relevant issues

Twenty-five partner organizations are selected to serve terms of 1-3 years on AEP’s Advisory Committee.

See a list of AEP Partner Organizations.

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