Past Events

Did you miss a National Forum?

Follow the links below to read session summaries, watch recordings of plenary sessions, and view Forum program booklets.

Spring 2013: Arts, Education, and the Next America April 4-5, Washington, DC

Fall 2012: Arts Learning Without Borders April 13-14, Chattanooga, TN

  • Program Booklet (PDF)
  • Plenary session: Healthy Partners: Why the Arts Matter to Medicine (video link)
  • Plenary session: What’s Going On? Addressing Social Issues like Bullying through Arts and Literacy (video link)

Spring 2012: Are We There Yet? Arts Evidence and the Road to Student Success April 12-13, Washington, DC

Fall 2011: Transforming Urban School Systems Through the Arts September 15-16, San Francisco, CA

  • Program Booklet (PDF)
  • Session Summaries (PDF)
  • Opening Plenary Session: California Creates
  • Closing Keynote Session: Education Nation: The Arts as a Leading Edge of Innovation in Our Schools; Dr. Milton Chen, Author, Senior Fellow and Executive Director Emeritus, The George Lucas Educational Foundation

Spring 2011: Picturing A Complete Education: Keep the Arts in Mind May 6-7, Washington, DC

  • Program Booklet (PDF)
  • Session Summaries (PDF)

Fall 2010: Creativity Works! Arts, Education, and the Innovation Economy October 21-22, Denver, CO

  • Program Booklet (PDF)
  • Session Summaries (PDF)
  • Plenary Session: The Arts Education Partnership at 15: Learning from the Past; Creating the Future
  • Closing Keynote Session: The Innovation Ecosystem: How Does it Work and What is the Role of the Arts?;Judy Estrin, Author and CEO of JLabs, LLC.

Spring 2010: States of Change: New Leadership in Arts and Education April 9-10, Washington, DC

Other Past Events

The Common Core State Standards and its Implications for the Arts (December 11, 2012)

AEP Senior Associate for Research and Policy, Scott Jones, moderated a webinar hosted by the Department of Educaiton on the Common Core State Standards and the arts. Panelists include Scott Norton, Strategic Initiative Director for Standards, Assessment, and Accountability at the Council for Chief State School Officers; Scott Schuler, Arts Education specialist in the Connecticut State Department of Education, and Denise Brandenburg, Arts Education Specialist at the National Endowment for the Arts. (View the archived webinar)

Post-Election Brown Bag Lunch (December 5, 2012)

AEP hosted an informal yet informational post-election brown bag lunch last week for our Partner organizations in the DC area. The group reviewed federal, state, and local election results with an eye towards implications for education in general and the arts in particular. The group plans to reconvene quarterly to continue the conversation. (View slides)

National Endowment for the Arts Research Roundtable: Improving the Assessment of Student Learning in the Arts: State of the Field and Recommendations (February 14, 2012)

The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) hosted a day-long series of panels and presentations to examine the latest trends, current practices, and future directions for arts learning standards and assessment methods. AEP’s Executive Director Sandra Ruppert participated on a panel of experts in the field. (View the archived webcast)

Education Week Webinar: Integrating the Arts Across the Curriculum (July 19, 2012)
This webinar explores the potential of bringing together the arts with other subjects in a mutual learning experience and points to promising examples and also the challenges to ensuring that such efforts achieve their academic goals. AEP’s Executive Director Sandra Ruppert presents an overview of arts integration, discusses best practices and research findings, and the impact of arts integration on academic success. (View the archived webcast)