With states around the country beginning to implement the work outlined in the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), one of AEP’s priorities is to ensure that the arts and education communities have the resources necessary to engage in the many opportunities ESSA opens up for expanding the arts in U.S. classrooms.

National organizations, research institutes and think tanks are rapidly creating ESSA policy resources to inform stakeholders and position them with the most current information. AEP is working with our partner organizations and other arts and education stakeholders to identify and share those resources with the arts education community. It is important to note that AEP’s position is nonpartisan in sharing these various resources and their implications for the arts.

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Education Commission of the States Resources

Arts-Related Resources

General ESSA Resources

Resources by Topic

Stakeholder Engagement Resources

State Roles and Responsibilities Under ESSA

U.S. Department of Education Resources


For resources related to the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, click here.


Do you have a recommended resource to add here? This is an ever-growing list of resources for the ESSA and we welcome your suggestions. Please send suggested resources to Scott Jones.