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Arts as Core Academic Subject

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Early Childhood Arts Ed State Standards Montana Early Learning Guidelines (2014)
Elementary & Secondary Arts Ed State Standards Montana Arts Content Standards (2016)
Arts Ed Instructional Requirement - Elementary Basic Education Program - Elementary: An elementary school shall have an education program aligned to the program area standards that enables students to meet the content standards [one of which is the arts] and content-specific grade-level learning progressions. (Mont. Admin. R. 10.55.901)
Arts Ed Instructional Requirement - Middle

Basic Education Program--Middle Grades: The Board of Public Education, upon recommendation of the superintendent of Public Instruction, may approve a middle school program that: (e) at a minimum maintains the following required program areas: (i) visual arts including, but not limited to art history, art criticism, aesthetic perception, and production; (ii) music including, but not limited to general, instrumental, and vocal (emphasizing comprehensive music elements, music history, criticism, aesthetic perception, and musical production). (Mont. Admin. R. 10.55.902)

Arts Ed Instructional Requirement - High School Basic Education Program--High School: The basic education program, aligned to the program area standards, for grades 9 through 12 shall be at least 20 units of coursework that enable all students to meet the content standards and content-specific grade-level learning progressions. Minimum offerings shall include at least the following: 2 units of arts. (Mont. Admin. R. 10.55.904)
Arts Requirements for High School Graduation In order to meet the content and performance standards, the following 13 units shall be part of the 20 units required for all students to graduate: (f) 1 unit of arts. (Mont. Admin. R. 10.55.905)
Arts Alternatives for High School Graduation

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Arts Ed Assessment Requirements

School Accreditation – Curriculum and Assessment: Local school districts shall ensure their curriculum is aligned to all content standards [one of which is the arts] and the appropriate learning progression for each grade level. School districts shall assess the progress of all students toward achieving content standards and content-specific grade-level learning progressions in each program area. (Mont. Admin. R. 10.55.603)

Arts Ed Requirements for State Accreditation Arts Program Delivery Standards: [Montana has identified specific conditions and practices that all basic arts programs shall meet.] (Mont. Admin. R. 10.55.1201)
Licensure Requirements for Non-Arts Teachers

Elementary: Successful candidates: (b) demonstrate knowledge and understanding and use the central concepts as outlined in Montana’s student content and performance standards, tools of inquiry, and structures of content for students across grades K-8 and can engage students’ in meaningful learning experiences that develop students competence in subject matter and skills for various developmental levels. Candidates: (g) demonstrate knowledge and understanding of and use the content, functions, and achievements of dance, music, theater, and the several visual arts as primary media for communication, inquiry, and insight among students. (Mont. Admin. R. 10.58.532)

Licensure Requirements for Arts Teachers Teacher Certification: [Certificates available for] Art K-12 (Mont. Admin. R. 10.58.503); Theatre (Mont. Admin. R. 10.58.507); Music K-12 (Mont. Admin. R. 10.58 .519).
State Arts Ed Grant Program or School for Arts

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Other State Arts Ed Policies

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313 (38%) of Montana's 833 schools responded to the survey, exceeding the sample target goal response rate of 30% by 8%.

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For Our Children: A Report on the Status of Arts Education in Montana

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